I am software developer and UX designer , with 4 years experiance in development and designing. my expertise is asp.net. i develop websites, android applications etc.

I Keen for creating and enhancing anything related to technology. I always want to make anything more perfect with integrating my creativity and analyzing results of my past experiences towards my job. I’m a developer on the bleeding edge of technology.

I have extensive experience in many related fields, but the work I am most passionate about are developing web applications, developing smart phone applications, front end engineering, and project management.

From work experience, I practice project management, training developers, enforcing standard practices, developing applications, software engineering, graphic designing, and user interface engineering. During my spare time, I enjoy doing technology research and experiments, prototyping applications for the future.

  • Date Of Birth: 26 MARCH 1989
  • Phone: +91-950-136-1430
  • Email: info@hanishkumar.com
  • Address: Green Model Town, Jalandhar, India.
  • Website: http://www.hanishkumar.com


Web & UX Design
App Development
Software Web Development